If you’re reading this, you’re invited to the second annual KETAWEEN at MY HOUSE. It starts at 7:00 on Friday, October 28 and runs late — feel free to stay the whole time or use it as a pre- or post-game for the rest of your night.

My house is at 2605 Bryant St — right off of 24th and Bryant. Ring the doorbell or text 415-972-9621 when you get here!

“i had never tried a dissociative until i went to ketaween. i didn’t take very much and it was pretty underwhelming, i had 3 shots of vodka instead” —

my frienD

KETAWEEN is San Francisco’s top explicitly dissociative-themed Halloween house party. (If there’s another one, I promise you that we’re better.) Equal parts rowdy and sedate, KETAWEEN is a chance to blast some tunes, show off your costume, and dive deep into your subconscious in good company. Minor ego death is highly encouraged, though there’ll be some alcohol if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge.

We have all of last year’s accoutrements — music, lasers, coloring books, ball pit — and more!

“i liked the part when that one girl commandeered the ball pit and started playing 2010-era youtube videos of japanese taiko drummers”

my other friend


Do you nervously check your Robinhood app on the daily? Are you concerned that the price of a cup of coffee is the same as a punchline from a circa-2018 open mic? Are you, horror of horrors, considering getting a real person job?

The THEME this year is INFLATION (SCARY). I’m buying balloons! If you don’t have a costume, consider these:

  • Bear market (bear costume)
  • Ghost of day trader (suit + noose)
  • Michelin Man (the other kind of inflation)
  • Haunted dollar bill (tape $1 to forehead)


  • NO ASSHOLES: Do not bring anyone mean into my house! Get weird, get hyphy, get sloppy, but be considerate.
  • KEEP IT CHILL: Remember that some people might be having an intense, introspective journey. Keep the energy at around a 7/10 and leave your aggro + your horny at the door.
  • SMOKE OUTSIDE: The neighbors get pissed if you smoke on the back porch, so take it to the front. Feel free to vape indoors.
  • COSTUME UP: Wear a costume! If you don’t have one ready to go, please tape that $1 to your forehead.
  • DONATIONS APPRECIATED: If you can, please Venmo @justin-lai-10 anywhere up to $50 to help pay for the party — especially if you partake well of the party’s titular substance.

“best pre-game of the year”

some guy who showed up for like an hour